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Different services to fit different needs

The goal of a community association is to maintain, and ultimately increase, property values.  In order to do so, someone needs to take the reins to manage the day-to-day business of overseeing the hired service providers and the accounting books are in order. Every association is different in their responsibilities and how they manage each aspect of the community. Instead of volunteer board members taking on this second job, hire Property Specialists Inc.!  As an experienced community association management company, PSI will work with board to find the right management style for your community.

Included in every contract are the following services:

  • Industry Leading Operational and Financial Planning Assistance
  • Budget Preparation
  • Communicating with Homeowners
  • Online Homeowner/Board Member Portals
  • Live Customer Service Lines 24/7
  • And more!

Full Management

For communities looking for full management services, Property Specialists, Inc. is a leader in the industry. Our decades of experience in the industry allows us to help boards navigate to the best solutions. There are many tasks that an association must undertake and our full management package is intended to handle it all.

We handle everything from maintaining your financial records to performing on-site community inspections on a regular basis. Working with the board, we strive for excellence in providing the services and support the community needs!

A summary of the services offered is below:

  • Fully Licensed Community Association Manager through the State of Illinois
  • Community Association Manager association meetings and compile a management report the week prior to each meeting.
  • Advanced technology through Vantaca management software which includes a homeowner and board member portal with separate access for increased communication and transparency.
  • In depth budget process where your Community Association Manager will compile the first draft of the budget and present it to the Board of Directors for their revisions in real time so not to delay or prolong the budget adoption process.
  • Monthly unaudited financials reviewed and delivered to the Board of Directors prior to the 15th of each month.
  • Automated Accounts Receivable process to assist in fair collections of assessments and decreased receivables.
  • Monthly Site Visits – monitoring projects, maintenance, and violations
    And much more! Contact us for details.

Financials Only

For those boards that can handle the day-to-day maintenance responsibilities but need a some assistance balancing their books, PSI can help. Financials can be daunting, and our staff is well versed in association financial management. We offer in-house accounting departments who will work alongside the association’s auditor and collection attorney to ensure the board is meeting its fiduciary responsibility to its community. The financials only package focuses on the below:
  • Budget preparation
  • Processing of invoices
  • Assessment Collection
  • Monthly financial preparation
  • Preparation of closing documents

New Construction

A well-maintained community is a valuable community. When it comes to new construction, Property Specialists Inc. is prepared, and highly qualified, to take the burden of association management off the shoulders of the developers. Our new construction staff has 35 combined years’ experience at PSI dedicated to working side-by-side with some of the most coveted home builder companies both locally and nationally known.

PSI works with the Developer Board each step of the way to get a new community up and running. We start by reviewing all governing documents, plats, and plans to become familiar with the community. Then using this specific information, we establish a budget tailored to the needs of the community as well as preparing bid proposal packets including specifications for all association maintenance and insurance responsibilities.

The new construction staff at Property Specialists Inc. is proud to offer you everything included in either the Full Management plan or the Financial Only plan as well as the following:

  • Review Governing Documents and Provide Guidance Before They Are Recorded
  • Prepare Initial Pro-Rata Budget
  • Draw Specifications for Bid Requests Based on Governing Documents and Plats
  • Prepare Closing Documents
    Work with Onsite Sales Teams to Answer Questions for New Owners

Can't Find What Fits Your Needs?

While most communities may fit into one of these management styles, every association is different. PSI will work with the board on creating the best management plan that checks every box for your community.

PSI Specializes in the management of homeowner associations. From professional business, governance, and community management services, to leading online services – we offer a complete and unparalleled solution for our clients.

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