Team Structure

Working as a team to get the job done efficiently

Community Management Team

PSI employs several departments specializing in specific duties required for the successful management of our clients. Each community is specifically assigned three individuals: Community Association Manager, Senior Account Manager and Assistant Manager.

  • The Community Association Manager is tasked with managing the day-to-day activities of the association and is the PSI liaison to your community and homeowners. They have an in-depth working knowledge of the community in order to facilitate the operations of your association.
  • The Senior Account Manager oversees the work of the Community Association Manager. With their knowledge and experience, they act as a resource for the Community Association Manager and the association.
  • The Assistant Manager deals with the administrative duties of the Association while tracking and managing all necessary documents as instructed by the Community Association Manager and the Board.

This three-prong approach is utilized to ensure continuity in case any one member is unavailable.

PSI Departmental Staff

In order to meet all the needs of your community, PSI employs different departments specializing in various services.

  • Accounts Receivable (AR): Handles all aspects of homeowner assessment accounts. They maintain the homeowners’ accounts and are available to answer any questions that homeowners may have (e.g. making payments, charges on owners’ accounts, etc.). If an account is turned over to the Association’s attorney for collections, AR works closely with the collection attorney to review and proceed with all legal actions related to foreclosures, evictions, and collections matters.
  • Accounts Payable (AP): Process invoices for payment (via check or ACH) once they have been reviewed by the Community Association Manager. AP works to ensure that all invoices are processed in a timely manner to maintain the association’s fiduciary responsibility to its service providers.
  • Accounting Department: Manages all operating and reserve accounts for the Association. The Accounting Department maintains the financial records by reconciling the bank balances daily, notifying the manager if an association is over the FDIC, and recording the CD maturity dates.
  • Closing Department: Works with real estate agents, attorneys, and banks to provide the necessary documents for all real estate transactions. Utilizing CondoCerts, PSI is able to expedite requests for closing documents, nothing goes out without the Closing Department’s stamp of approval. Once the closing has been confirmed, they ensures the new owner is set up within PSI’s system and sends them their association’s customized Welcome Packet.
  • Quality Assurance Inspector: Inspectors with building and construction experience are used to routinely inspect communities for violations, perform closing inspections, and follow-up on major capital projects.

PSI Specializes in the management of homeowner associations. From professional business, governance, and community management services, to leading online services – we offer a complete and unparalleled solution for our clients.

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