A GUIDING LIGHT: How Community Associations Institute Helps Homeowner Leaders Succeed

Through our tenure, Property Specialists, Inc. has always looked to the Community Associations Institute as a resource to help guide homeowner volunteers and community association managers alike. With the collection of experience and knowledge that CAI has gathered in its 45+ years in the industry there is rarely a situation that they have not come across and been able to resolve. Even during these trying times both CAI, and PSI, are growing and evolving to meet the ever-changing demands of the communities we serve.

One of the many excellent platforms that CAI provides is ongoing education for the homeowner volunteers. Through courses designed specifically for those volunteers, CAI helps those boards manage their communities effectively, and with as little impact on their personal lives as possible. After all, as volunteers, these individuals are giving their time to the community knowing there is no compensation other than the sense of accomplishment and pride in their communities.

Below are resources from members of CAI that can provide insight on what to expect from community association living and how education is critical in effective leadership of a community.

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