COLD WEATHER BURSTING PIPES: Tips and Tricks to Handle Frozen Pipes

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With the temperature plummeting below zero, the chances of your pipes bursting skyrockets causing unwanted water damage to your home. The experts at BELFOR have provided the below tips for preventing burst pipes and what to do should the unfortunate happen. Click below to visit BELFOR’s website to learn more about what you should do […]


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One of the most important factors to successfully managing community associations is building relationships with experts in the industry. When it comes to experts, the first thing many people think of is attorneys. We look to community association attorneys’ expertise to decipher, and interpret, the laws and documents that govern community associations. Our friends at […]

DAM IT’S COLD: Ice Damming and How to Deal with It

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As residents of the greater Chicagoland area, we are no strangers to humid, hot summers and blisteringly cold winters. Oftentimes bitter winters bring with them troubles that homeowners are not prepared for. One such trouble is ice damming. At Property Specialists, Inc. we always want to make sure we are providing our communities with the […]

A GUIDING LIGHT: How Community Associations Institute Helps Homeowner Leaders Succeed

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Through our tenure, Property Specialists, Inc. has always looked to the Community Associations Institute as a resource to help guide homeowner volunteers and community association managers alike. With the collection of experience and knowledge that CAI has gathered in its 45+ years in the industry there is rarely a situation that they have not come […]