One of the most important factors to successfully managing community associations is building relationships with experts in the industry. When it comes to experts, the first thing many people think of is attorneys. We look to community association attorneys’ expertise to decipher, and interpret, the laws and documents that govern community associations. Our friends at Kovitz Shifrin Nesbit are always able to provide us with on-point legal advice and guidance that we can pass along to our community leaders to help them make the crucial decisions.

As we’re getting into late spring, we are smack dab in the middle of dreaded tax season. With all the intricacies involved in tax law it can be easy to get confused and overwhelmed. Thankfully, at KSN they have the people, and the resources, to help us through it. Whether it’s help in understanding property taxes or how to appeal them the staff at KSN can handle it.

Below are some articles written by KSN that can provide insight into the world of community association taxes and help you better understand how to keep them in check.

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