Honest Bidding Benefits our Communities

We may be based in Illinois, but we don’t subscribe to the same philosophy as the reputation of many of our politicians.  Simply put, PSI does not believe in or tolerate pay to play.  We don’t make side money pushing company owned contractors.  We work for the best interests of our clients.

Can your management company say the same?

In the last few years we have been made aware that several of our competitors are now in the practice of charging vendors and contractors for the privilege of bidding on work for their community.  Whether the company calls it a vetting fee or a marketing fee, it all smells a lot like pay to play to us… a stink that makes everyone in the industry look bad.

Let’s look at the bottom line.  When an Association hires a management company, you trust that company to give them honest bids from quality contractors who will do the job both affordably and to the scope of work agreed upon in the contract.  If a management company or one of its managers is receiving compensation from one of the contractors being put forth, then how can they remain loyal to the Association and fight for its best interests?  Is it not reasonable to imagine that a contractor who pays the management company might get a more favorable look than one that simply gives their best bid?

Your management company should be looking out for your community, not the highest bidder.  It is their ethical responsibility to help your community find the best contractors for the community, not the ones that line their pockets.

What about those management companies that own their own maintenance company.  There’s nothing wrong with that, right?  Wrong.  We have seen in the bidding process that some management companies will come in lower than PSI on their management contract.  Time and time again they make up that difference in the additional work they steer towards their subsidiary companies.  These costs are typically higher than most contractual maintenance companies, and end up costing their clients much more in the end.

At PSI our clients can rest assured that we hold ourselves to a higher standard.  Our vendor list is comprised of companies that have performed admirably for our clients, not those firms who have paid us some type of fee.  We do not have any partnerships with contractors, nor do we have our own maintenance, janitorial or landscaping company under a PSI umbrella firm.

When your manager brings you bids for a project, they are from qualified contractors.  Our vendors do the job right for our clients, or we do not let them bid on other communities.  We understand that a contractor’s work reflects directly upon our managers.  That’s why we hold our contractors to the same level of excellence in which we hold ourselves.

We look out for our clients.  Can you say the same for other firms?

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